Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Astro Dallas is coming up soonish. Sure it's more like 6 months away, but I have got to get started on these Elysians so they are ready for the Astro.

What I have to paint:

30 Elysians (normal troops)
2 Heavy Weapon Squads (12 total)
2 Valkyries
1 Vendetta Conversion
20 Storm Troopers (which will be Vet Squads)
1 Drop Sent with Multi-Melta
1 Drop Sent with Heavy Bolter

I need to buy and paint
Vulture (not sure how to load this one out yet, thinking Punisher Cannons for Anti-Horde duty)

That's pretty much it. I need to tweak weapon load outs and such and possibly drop the Vulture for something else (but I like the coolness factor of it). I have a few points left over and will probably tweak weapon load outs, who rides in what Valk/Vend and of course if I want to scrap it all and go with something else (I like those Tauros vehicles, might replace the sents).

Anyway, that's whats coming down the pipe. Already have a Valk built and primed white, need to magnetize the wing hardpoints (multilaser and lascannon already magnetized). And then get painting on it. Keep an eye out here for that and also my Vendetta Conversion. I'll be putting that together this weekend I think. Long weekend for me so I'll put it to good use.


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