Monday, April 25, 2011

Community Thoughts

Greetings all,

I wanted to know your thoughts on something.

I'm looking to take a Vulture to this year's Astro with my Elysian army. I know it's not necessarily the greatest heavy choice, but I think it looks cool. So with that said, I've been tempted to go ahead and load it out as a horde killer. I'll have Vendettas as my AT firepower, as well as a couple squads with meltas and melta bombs if I really need it.

So what do you think, Twin-linked punisher Cannons. Giving me 20 twin-linked S5 AP- shots or should I go with the twin-linked ACs (for popping Transports and Light Tanks) and Multiple Rocket Pods. Nice thing about the Rocket pods is they are considered Defensive weaponry since they are only S4.

I feel that 20 rerollable shots might be a bit better then the dual purpose ACs and rocket pods.

So thoughts?


  1. 20 twin linked shots? That just screams cheese :P

    How many points is the thing?

  2. a Vulture armed with anything other than a tl punisher is an expensive target. Armed with the TL Punisher, it is a must have infantry and light vehicle killer extrordinaire! Cheese it up with an armoured cockpit and shaken and stunned are ignored on a 4 plus! Five words. Yes. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes.

  3. ooo... forgot about the armoured cockpit... will need to add that in :)

  4. I think statisticaly the 4 mrps are much better than the punishers- move and fire because they're defensive weapons and 4 templates a turn!!! If you like the look of the punisher just use it as counts as but in my experience punishers are the first to go down just because opponents are terrified of the 20 shots. There is a good chance hell ignore your 4 mrps in favor of vendetta shooting