Monday, May 6, 2013

Revival... Yay... oh dear god what have I done

It begins.... again...

So after being out of it for awhile (40K not just this project). I have decided to take a look at everything again and realized that I actually like 6th edition. Thus the dust was cleaned off bottles and palettes. I've done some painting on models to get back into the groove of things. Did about 1000 points worth of Dark Angels using the new Dark Vengeance set (x2) as my solid foundation. Boy was I rusty when I started that up.

Anyway, time to start this project back up. What better way then with an escalation league. So my next few entries, which will be starting this week, will be about putting together and painting up 500 points of Elysians. The question now is, Vulture in the first 500 or not....

Also I need to see about finding something like this so I can keep track of the colors I paint things. This is a great idea:

I'd like to make this for all the armies I have for the different game systems.

So stay tuned and hopefully I'll get this project completed finally.

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